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  1. Its not the registration I am concerned about, its the flood of bots to my forum, sometimes 400 at a time all with this address: /redirector/www.viagra.com etc and they all have the spam subject in the address. The iframe blocks all of them and doesn't block Google so my adsense is still working good. I tried the .htaccess with the latest bad bot list and it does not stop any of them, its a form of Bot DDOS at the PHP level.
  2. All that? What a 10 second cut and paste of code , is not all that is it now? It works great for me, I'm making more from adsense than before the iframe. I don't care about links and seo I'd rather stop the traffic from the spambots. SO if you have those worries then obviously its not for you. Besides I redirect all my 404 errors to home page, and don't give a shit about seo :rofl:
  3. I get 10 thousand bad bots every day on my site using a half a gig a day of my traffic. I tried robots.txt and .htaccess to block them to no avail. In 24 hours 10 thousand bot visits and only 65 bothered to even access the robots.txt. So I found an solution that has stopped all the bad bots in their tracks: I moved my forum to a sub folder with an unusual name, then I created an index.html with an iframe. The iframe is invisible, so the site shows exactly as if its in the root of domain. The bad bots are now gone I went from 370 guests online downto number 10 to 20 or so. here i
  4. Most adblock blockers can be circumvented with Grease Monkey and Reeks Anti-Adblock Killer. On further testing the noscript script here blocks noscript 100 percent. The noscript script below is impervious so far, if anyone can circumvent the noscript please post details here thanks The following script is imune to them and will send Noscript and adblock users to anywhere you want. In this case its Disneyland Add code to bottom of Footer Template: No script: [CODE]http://pastebin.com/P1LmEJan[/CODE] Code: [CODE] <noscript> <meta http-
  5. Ya I wondered why he didn't just read it, thought maybe he doesn't like to read instructions LoL
  6. Run to Install script in path/admincp/cmps_install.php, check my spelling go into admincp folder and make sure then launch the php page, it will install. add forum path in cmps_index.php also move cmps_index to root of public, rename to index change name in admin panel
  7. Its right here: [url]http://vbwarez.net/threads/12408-vBadvanced-CMPS-4-3-0?highlight=vbadvanced[/url]
  8. not working for me, I enter key and it does nothing Okay figured it out thanks
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