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  1. Did you use the xenforo impex files? they are seperate to the impex and did you use the latest impex at the git?
  2. Use impex with vb4 then upgrade
  3. Cons of IPB 3.4 its obsolete no more updates on mods and themes. IPS 4 is still pre beta as far is its actual progress. vbulletin 4 is a resource hog if you install lots of mods so if on shared hosting you will get kicked off. As far a vbulletin 4 is concerned its great if you have VPS or dedicated server, but no new styles, there are new mods and updated mod activity still. I suggest MYBB if you want low resources yet still have inferno shoutbox, ajax stats, some nice themes, it uses a 10th of the Server resources of both the above
  4. I am an expert at conversions and best way is to convert IPB to xenforo first then use latest vbimpex from the git to go from xenforo to vb and yes I would do it all for 100 dollars as it would take the better part of a day to do it all correctly.
  5. I have them bookmarked as well as blazingfast
  6. I see sites that use them and they seem okay
  7. one post to get traffic to your facebook, this section is for template downloads not spam
  8. Overwrite files, then run upgrade
  9. I want to donate again for all your hard work, I don't use IPB any longer, are you going to still support vbulletin or is it going to be IPB all the way?
  10. I wonder when they will realize its a flop.
  11. [quote name='pet17']On my board we put up the fake FBI take down page, we start getting emails left and right, too funny.[/QUOTE] That ones too funny that would make them shit LoL
  12. Keep your money requests don't require payment [QUOTE] This private thread mod allow administrators allow a certain forum to have this feature on or off. With this modification members can create threads that are useful for private conversations. Here are the basic options Allow Selected Users To View and Prevent Others from viewing. Allow Selected Usergroup To View and Prevent Others from viewing. Prevent Selected Users From viewing. Hack Overview: Products: 1 2 Queries 15 Phrases More than 15 Plugins File Edits: 1 File
  13. Its probibly hacked at that point as its deprecated version 5.05 get 5.15 this one you use is exploited and once installed you will be hacked within seconds
  14. I have IPB license and downloads access, if you need it, let me know
  15. Whats the point its over a decade old and doesn't work with modern web servers.
  16. whatever you say, ZOMBIE, we know its you HAHAHA :fuck:
  17. I can tell you he was an ass to me more than once and it was uncalled for, the power went to his head. I'm still glad he's gone no matter what his friend here says.
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