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  1. [quote name='SalmanQamar']Is it safe to use on production site?[/QUOTE] Being an old version, I would say no, depending on vulnerabilities in this old version.
  2. [quote name='Vozwiki']Can you convert it for vbb 4.2.2 sir? :g_smile:[/QUOTE] Are you joking?
  3. I have the new patch can I share do I have to remove my customer number from it first? edit none of the files have my customer number will upload it
  4. Have fun in the slammer bud, stay away from Big Bubba, I here he's looking for a new cell mate LoL
  5. I have Home sever running Apach 2.2 and php 5.4 in Windows 7 and I can use .htaccess to block ips all except google bots they flood my site day and night. I get traffic from my own sources and don't need trasffic from search engines yet I get this flood of google bots my .htaccess is this: [CODE]ErrorDocument 404 /index.php # htaccess custom error messages ErrorDocument 400 "Ooops - Bad request! ErrorDocument 401 "Speak friend and enter ErrorDocument 403 "Daily Maintenance, please try later... ErrorDocument 500 "Server gone wild.. Options -Indexes RewriteEngine On # proc
  6. [IMG]http://s32.postimg.org/x7qu92f85/4242_PNG_db9170ed9bc66d36f8342a01d6dc0857.png[/IMG] TrollFace Smiles - a set of 146 emoticons to your site , with a transparent background in PNG format
  7. [quote name='Thunderbird']Free host wont work as far i know its better look for some cheap web hosting.. By the way when did VB 4.2.4 released :P my ACP still shows 4.2.3 :P[/QUOTE] 4.24 beta 1
  8. Cool great, ya I've done the security certificates on normal hosting, but my server has no control panel just pure notepad++ editing of httpd.conf.
  9. I'm running my own home made dedicated server and don't have a clue howto get https going
  10. I'm running Apache on my server with IPS 4.1 and would benefit from this as well as long as I change it for IPS.
  11. As far as I been reading at vb.org is vbulletin 5 is leaning towards not being mod development friendly, even more so as it goes along, is this because vbulletin.com wants to make it with self contained features with no mods to work with it? hard to say, but most mod developers gave up on it as this started to happen, not to mention the the exodus to Xenforo a few years ago by many of the VB.org mod community. I have noticed a return of some of the people who discovered Xenforo isn't as great as it first appears to be, especially the failed widget framework with its many bugs and dis-fu
  12. vbulletin.org isn't the developer of vbulletin its a seperate mods site and they have too many customiztions to be able to even goto vb4 but I'm sure they could since I've seen vbulletin 4 sites with the same functionality for mods
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