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  1. Don't know as I didn't make the modified one and I am not presently planning to upgrade to 5.2.x as I have heavily modified my forum to suit my own needs.
  2. Snail


    Have run into some legal trouble here. If I am not on after June 2nd, then I likely will not be on for oh, 4 years or more. Wish me luck.
  3. [quote name='Spinifex']MIRROR#1 an exe file? doubt it.....[/QUOTE] "Archive is RAR self extractor." Learn to read before remarking.
  4. Between AJAX partial content refresh, UserID timeout and several DBTech modules with their own timers, the problem of keeping a page up to date is annoying. For moderators and even admins, sitting in the Online Users page is particularly irritating because after so many minutes of monitoring, suddenly they appear to have logged out. I tried a simple META refresh in the Header and Head_Include template, but that forces a complete page reload. This could result in users losing entire posting before being submitted. My solution is a very simple script. Go to the Online Users page. Go
  5. It is possible the issue existed prior to 5x. You will have to wait for one of the others here to reply as I have not been using 4x in a long while.
  6. It is an issue I have been endeavoring for some time to resolve. So far, I have only slightly improved on the annoyance, but not fixed it. It is a 3 part problem. 1. The vBSout core.js is not fully compatible with vB5.1.x up. It was made ONLY for vB5.0.x and DBTech has stated they have no intention of doingg further development. 2. the InstanceID trigger is not compatible with vB5.1.x up and it is what checks for NEW posts to POP on but instead treats every post as new. 3. the AJAX automatic update system keeps triggering the InstanceID which calls the pop.ogg file. Without a lot of
  7. [QUOTE] Snail, Can this code be used for anigifs as banners?[/QUOTE] GIF's, PNG, JPG, BMP... all standard web graphic formats. Further, with some minor changes, SWF, AVI, MP4, OGG... and, by switching out images for CSS files, entire site themes. The PIC values and Document.Write need to be changed to accomplish, but easily done. By adding a little more code and <audio> tag one can do holiday banners with holiday music too. Or by adding STYLE sheets, audio and flash, one could do major holiday theme changes without touching forum code :) Very simple yet useful
  8. This is a CSS/Script that displays Holiday banners based on current date. No having to change the banner manually. If no holiday is observed then a random non-holiday banner is selected :) I created this as I got annoyed with trying to remember. This one is set up for major Public US holidays. The States have Public, Federal, State, National and god help all, Hallmark holidays. Also, over 3,000 religions and their holidays. This isn't even to mention holidays of other nations. So don't expecting me to add them all. Use the Site Builder and create a new module using St
  9. This will add an HTML5 random background music player to any vB5x site (or any site by [COLOR="#FFFF00"]removing the vB code[/COLOR]). It is a modification of the classic random midi player. All code for embedded vs background and this browser vs that browser have been removed. MIDI files have been replaced with MP3's. The player code has been replaced with modern <audio> code which works in most modern browsers and mobile devices. One can add the code in various ways but I used the Site Builder, added a Static HTML module, and added this code- [CODE]<!-- Start Back
  10. This mod adds smilies button to vBShout 6x on vb5x Okay, this mod is not nearly so nice as DBTechs work. But they have no intention of doing more work on vBShout or fixing the smilies button they removed in vB5.0x It makes use of vBShouts internal command codes to send smilie code values to the edit box. Note- Smilie should be picked first or exclusive as it will replace text currently in edit box. This is not a simple mod and it may need to be customized per theme though I hope I have managed to avoid all that annoyance. It only covers the general set and does not include th
  11. I am always forgetting the command line commands and annoyed with users always asking, so I make this button for help. Sorry it will not read list from SQL database, but not too difficult to add/remove from list manually. Simply hover pointer over questionmark and box appears with command list. [CENTER][img]http://s32.postimg.org/9lni663lv/help.jpg[/img][/CENTER] This defines colour and shape of popup box and the CLASS can be used elsewhere. This uses [COLOR="#000000"]black[/COLOR] text on [COLOR="#FFFF00"]yellow background[/COLOR] with [COLOR="#DAA520"]dark yellow[/COLOR] bord
  12. This is an unofficial update released by Coder. It is still marked as 6.1.0a8 although it should be a9. It has no affect on vB5.1.x forums but it resolves an ACP issue in vB5.2.x Place it into core\admincp folder, replacing old one. [ATTACH]11254[/ATTACH]
  13. Posted May 10th, 2016 I have made a number of corrections and additions to vBShout on vB5.1.9 Is there a place I can submit them for the next release? Snail [QUOTE] You should also be aware of the fact that vBShout has not been tested on vB 5.1.9, and we have [B][U]no current plans of developing any more modifications for vB5[/U][/B] due to the amount of crippling issues and flaws of that platform. Fillip Hannisdal Founder & Programming Director DragonByte Technologies [url]http://www.DragonByte-Tech.com[/url] [/QUOTE] Ouch! And there you have it. All DBTech
  14. For a very long time now I have been annoyed with the fact that ever since I upgraded to vB5 my compose message box has been black text on dark grey (almost black) background. One can use the font color editor, but that is a whole extra step and confusing to users. My site uses a dark theme with yellow accent so I wanted the text default to be YELLOW. I tried everything from the Site Editor, to editing the Header, Global CSS, adding code to the CSS Additional, and nothing affected the font color. [code] /* Start Fix editor font color */ .cke_editable { Color: yellow!important
  15. This version is for vB5.1.x All prior versions for vB5.0.x do not work on 5.1.x [QUOTE] Mod Version: 6.1.0a8, by DragonByte Tech (Coder) Works on vB 5.1.1-5.2.x [QUOTE] im using it on 5.1.9 where can i change design and how can i add smileys? [/QUOTE] The vB5 version does not support a Smilies button. You can customise the templates via the Style Manager [QUOTE] Customisable New Post / Thread Notifications Any idea when these will be working...... or any other fixes made? [/QUOTE] We're currently focusing on the xenForo version of vBShout, and [B][U]we h
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