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  1. Go into your forums directory>images>defraction and have a look for BG image if it has one. If it does open it up and edit it to what you want the background to be
  2. 1172 x 171 Edited: corrected the dimensions
  3. [quote name='mlew2']Do you want it the size of that header???? If so I will look for something else as a background[/QUOTE] Do you think it will look good? if so, go ahead.
  4. Do you think it will fit with this [URL="http://galaxy-gaming.co.uk"]Demo[/URL]
  5. Hello members of VBWarez.net I am in need of a forum logo. Now my problem is I kind of don't know exactly what I want, but I do at the same time. Text: Galaxy Gaming Colours: my forum is in a black and darkish blue (#094074) Extras: can you make it look a bit like a galaxy? Regards, Nathan
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