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  1. [B]Merry christmas everyone[/B]
  2. Thank you verry match Prince
  3. Happy anniversary vBWarez , Big thanks sir unstuck .
  4. [quote name='Trojanking']What are you trying to download? If you want premium click this: [url]http://vbwarez.net/payments.php[/url][/QUOTE] Thanks :punish:
  5. [quote name='UnstucK']It's something I must think about. As previously said, don't know yet how it may be integrated to vBWarez. Probably it will be private, but do not want 40bucks anyway. If I release it, will be for premium members, which is 22€ once. I'm not going to ask for any more money, I'm not a scammer, actual incomes are almost enough to renew server/domain so it's fine, premium members will have [COLOR=#ff0000][B]everything[/B][/COLOR] I release.[/QUOTE] Thank you unstuck, I always say that you're a prince :victory:
  6. [B][CENTER]Merry christmas to all[/CENTER][/B] [CENTER][img]http://www.allgraphics123.com/ag/01/6602/6602.gif[/img][/CENTER]
  7. [B]Welcome back VBWarez and thank you verry much Sir UnstucK[/B]
  8. Sami

    New server !

    Good job sir UnstucK
  9. [B]Thank you [COLOR="#FF0000"]Zombie[/COLOR][/B]
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