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  1. fortune

    Vbwarez - Exploit

    If anything you should all be thanking this guy for discovering this exploit and not ridicule him...
  2. sounds like to me someones being a cry baby
  3. Snail criticizing gets you no where, the truth in the matter is you couldn't post your crap on vb crew because your patch's were untrusted (unofficial) and after telling us you didn't like vbwarez because they deleted most of your posts we have no sympathy for you... So now that your trying to make a second attempt back on vbwarez you think your somebody. well that's just special but no need to talk behind other peoples back in posts... just shows what kind of ignorant person you really are...
  4. sorry didnt mean to spam... just telling members be aware...
  5. They only make 7 plugins and that's not one of them LOL [url]http://vbsocial.com/product-category/vbulletin-5-plugins/[/url]
  6. Doesnt matter who I am, your a nobody like I said in other post replies, it will be up to the admin to delete your threads, but like you told me, vbwarez deleted a ton of your posts... you might want to consider not posting your unknown patch fixes and report them to vbulletin as I instructed you before. you came back here and started posting your bs crap again... Let the professionals announce fixes, not a nobody!
  7. letting users know your patches could be harmful as your a nobody on the net... you tried the same shit on my site as well and no one will trust your patches so not even worth posting...
  8. you were banned from every other site... surprised your still here...
  9. he uses free hosting your wasting your time....
  10. use an offshore host, there are many good cheap ones
  11. not worth getting if the page doesnt load to purchase, tells me they already suck LOL
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