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  1. <p>i don’t have the option to download there anymore, because i sold all my vB licenses.</p>

    <p><strong>You are currently showing up as unlicensed.</strong></p>

  2. <p>If you still have a vbulletin.org login id like to hire ya as i could use another guy.</p>

  3. <p>What job is it ?</p>

  4. <p>I would like to hire you for a job, please msg back when you can.</p>

  5. [URL="http://www.swiftslots.com/clientarea/aff.php?aff=007"]http://www.swiftslots.com/shared.php[/URL]
  6. i use usenet and if i look for something special i use supershearch from newsleecher, the only problem is that you need a active software & usenet account with them to use this future. They have a retention of +2200 days. so the people who use usenet a lot have normally no need to those sites.
  7. I did have very good experience with them for years and it's because i did needed a offshore vps for 1 of my sites i terminated my account there, else i didnt leave there.
  8. delete for DBTech - vBSecurity: // Show branding or not $show['vbsecurity_branding'] = $vbulletin->options['dbtech_vbsecurity_branding_free'] != base64_decode('dmJ3YXJlei5uZXQ='); $show['dbtech_vbsecurity_producttype'] = (VBSECURITY::$isPro ? ' (Pro)' : ' (Lite)'); if ($show['vbsecurity_branding'] AND !$show['_dbtech_branding_override']) { $brandingVariables = array( 'flavour' => 'vBulletin Security provided by ', 'productid' => 123, 'utm_source' => s
  9. [URL="http://vbwarez.net/payments.php"]--> Premium & shoutbox <--[/URL] The only thing i can say it's worth the money, in my option if they ask 50€ for premium it would still be cheap.
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