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  1. i just did it the easy way lfmao. [code]http://zendecode.com/[/code]
  2. Lollllll, 300 instead of 30 is a mistake i would never make! Yvoms4mod2much. Btw, lemme know on decoding and msg if you need me i did this in the past but i never released it.
  3. iBrain

    FusionCMS Cracked

    This is a cms for a game, you'd need a server running with the required engines, if you have those its not really hard to setup.
  4. iBrain

    FusionCMS Cracked

    Download links have been updated. You can now download, and install without errors. On the licensekey screen just press next.
  5. iBrain

    FusionCMS Cracked

    Im sorry, you need to download it from a mirror as i havent updated the attachment yet. Terribly sorry for the delay, mine works chck it out at [url]http://nephilimwow.com/[/url]
  6. iBrain

    FusionCMS Cracked

    Update tested and working, Thanks for reporting, error has been reproduced and fixed.
  7. iBrain

    FusionCMS Cracked

    Ill be debugging that right now, Im very sorry for my delay. !UPDATE! I forgot to move the AJAX check, within the installer. I have fixed this, ill update the links in a seccond.
  8. this is not a hack, this is a spoiler if i am correct please elaborate further so i could provide the needs.
  9. Image files are being requested trough an url, your probally homehosting it, and need to change the path then. As for the Forbidden, check the rights.
  10. iBrain

    FusionCMS Cracked

    I beg your pardon, as i do not get a word of what you just said lol.
  11. iBrain

    FusionCMS Cracked

    not dead, just outdated website, development is still going on they plan on releasing their update in January.
  12. iBrain

    FusionCMS Cracked

    [COLOR="#00FF00"]FusionCMS a premium CMS for world of Warcraft private servers. Officially cracked, by of course a [B]VBwarez member[/B]. [SIZE=4]What is FusionCMS?[/SIZE] FusionCMS is a CMS for world of warcraft private servers. It's one of the most used CMS's when it comes to World of Warcraft private servers. But why did you crack it? Well thats a simple question, I dislike the fusionCMS staff. They did not assist me when my licensekey got stolen, and simply told me to buy a new one. To be honest, i did think about buying a second license but then i started think
  13. <p>vBulletin 5x Sigma Keygen (Premium) ?</p>

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