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  1. [quote name='Zombie']Showing the premium forums allows the member to preview what we offer and then they can decide if they want to purchase the premium downloads... I always like to see what I am buying before I fork over the bucks...[/QUOTE] I agree...
  2. Oh, thanks for response. Yes I have knowelage to keep it up, however I did run ''Serbian'' forum like anything and everything, movies online, chat, news, strange temathics I had lots of members as I remember over 4,000 visits per day but I closed it when I started my college due to less time I could spend on PC. Now I finished college and besides the job I have lots of time for meyself. Althrought I dont want to pay 250$ for vBulletin, pervious platform I used was SMF now when Im back on PC I noticed that SMF didnt do any very progress so far, I was checking other platforms, my
  3. Is there any persons who run nulled vbulletin for some time without any problems or so? I'm just new here, I have used ''search'' before I made topic, just wanned to ask for some status and things you guys do or run if anyone run nulled versions from older members here, or thats only for newbies who think its epic... Regards, RC
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