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  1. for vBulletin you need just the php enviroment (should be preinstalled by your host) phpBB is another Forum script as vBulletin is. I guess you should inform yourself about php and basic server management (ftp, php etc) otherwise it will be hard to help. The Basic knowledge is necessary to work with any online software. greetz
  2. vBWarez is known for good and trusted warez Scripts just make a quick search on google ;) Also you can download everything thats not premium only stuff. If you just need one plugin and it's cheeper than 22€ for lifetime vBwarez - then i recomend, that you just buy the plugin. We need the money from the premiumaccounts to buy new scripts and pay the server bills. Thats why there is premium only stuff on here. greetz
  3. That should work but you must be manualy activated by an admin (UnstucK) - He is very busy at the moment so it can need some time. But you should get your account asap when UnstucK comes online :)
  4. It is not allowed to post links to filehosters. Please upload your archive to vBwarez as attachment. greetz
  5. Damn thats something i couldn't know - but thanks vip57 now i know one more reason to never go to vB5 :D - I don't need anymore reasons tough :D
  6. For my test it doesn't matter how big your Database is - we've far 500GB. Just create a new directory on your server for example /public_html/test/ then create a new Database (new User, name, etc) - you can have mutiple databases on your Server. Now get a subdomain for example test.yourdomain.com and let it point to your test directory. Now c+p all vBulletin5 Files in the test directory and start the installation - for installing use your new created database. Then you have a fully functional vB5 without the big database for testing out new things and also you can verify that your
  7. I don't mean you should delete you databse ^^ Just try to install vB5 in a new directory on a subdomain with a new databse. It's just a test to see if your server has a problem with vB5. (After the test you can delete the databse, the directory and subdomain) If your vB5 with clean database runs good we know that the server is not the issue and can work into whats crashing with your DB. If the fresh vB5 copy does not work we know your error is server related and take a look at the configuration. It's just a step to get near the problem. Don't touch your Database and be
  8. Please try to install a fresh copy of vB5 on your server without your database. That might help to find out if there is a problem with your DB or with your Server. greetz
  9. The post also says [QUOTE]Please note that you need to update regardless of whether you have Forumrunner enabled. [/QUOTE] So it is not safe, if this issues does only affect your forum when you have forumrunner enabled. There is no information whats exactly the matter. Nevertheless it seems to be a critical error (sql injection is a major issue) so everyone should upgrade as soon as possible. I'm at work at the moment, but i think the fix will be posted here very soon. greetz
  10. vBShouts Supports multiple instances - mgc not - also mgc is not under development anymore ;) Getting a second instance of MGC working is a lot of renaming work.
  11. you can just remove the soundeffect file and no sounds will be played :)
  12. this mod is for vB4.2 and won't work with vB5 (ypu posted in vB5 section so i guess you have vB5).
  13. Hi In most cases it is not possible to run a vB installation on a free webhost. So you should try a different host - that isn't expensive ;) Also du you have given the right CHMOD to all files? greetz
  14. It can need some time - but you always will be promoted :) Seams like you got your upgrade ;) Greetz
  15. I've tested vB5 and didn't like it - guess i'll stay with vB4 forever - with the mods you get any feature you need. Just pretend vB5 never happened :D XenoForo is good - but it also has it's good and bad points - it's still better than vB5 though - vB4 or XenoForo is my tip ^^
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