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  1. ** looks like the below was way wrong :-( hey, i took a guess, right? ** there might be a similar process but i'm unsure of it. I don't know about vb5 or it's file and directory structure, but I'm going to offer my stab at what it _might_ be. Check for these lines of code in /includes/config.php and make sure they are set right according to the names of the admin and mod panels on your server [code] // ****** PATH TO ADMIN & MODERATOR CONTROL PANELS ****** // This setting allows you to change the name of the folders that the admin and // moderator co
  2. [quote name='UnstucK'][CODE]https://vbwarez.net/forumdisplay.php?daysprune=12345'"\'\"); |]*�{ <�>�''💠©&f=12&order=asc&page=1&pp=20&s=&sort=title[/CODE] k you just add new line to the daysprune parameters which actually generates a fatal user error. Nothing to do with sql.[/QUOTE] Way to stick it to em UnstucK! LOL :-)
  3. [quote name='TeamDx']You guy's have an exploit here: https://vbwarez.net/forumdisplay.php?daysprune=12345%27%22\%27\%22%29;|]*%00{%0d%0a%3C%00%3E%bf%27%27%C3%B0%C5%B8%E2%80%99%C2%A9&f=12&order=asc&page=1&pp=20&s=&sort=title If I exploit into it more, I will be able to get your Mysql password.[/QUOTE] Whoever you are, I have no idea, nor do I care. You're ridiculous. I won't tell you what I've accomplished (which I still regret) but I'll tell you this much, please for the love of all things pretty, pink, and nonverbal; go troll elsewhere. You're dis
  4. Hi Everyone: I "lifted" the shield from another site, but before that site banned me for all manner of uncertain reasons, the lead admin of that site give me the original PSD of the "Admin Shield" used by the "Community Admin" account, I have changed the color of the shield from a really cool looking blue, to either yellow (mod) or green (admin). In the attached ZIP file, I included the final badges used on one of my sites as examples, the original shield design (no letters or other additional layers), the original with a giant letter "A", the "Winx Club" logo used in my site badges.
  5. Great little user bar :-). I will be implementing this on a project I'm working on Good job
  6. Hello: I am experiencing some strange behaviors with the site (could be wrong on this they might be normal behavior) 1. I use various assistive technology products on various desktop and mobile platforms. Whenever I activate an object on the screen either by keyboard, mouse, or touch; I new window visually comes up then disappears this throwing off my screen reader on both desktop and mobile. As well as causing rapid screen flashing and unnecessary motion visually 2. When using the built-in voiceover screen reader and attempting to select any object on the screen to read it, voic
  7. Yes, thank you all. My health is much better. Thanks for your concern Have a great day: Carly Grace
  8. hello all: I registered back in Jan. 2014, but due to health concerns and a few other life events I am now getting back into the vBulletin world and other personal and work affairs. My name is Carly, I am 25 years old and enjoy working with computers and helping others. I work in a 100% volunteer driven call center. My passion is helping others and learning new things. I might be a total newcomer to the site, but I am here to learn and potentially help others. I may have multiple disabilities, but I still try to make the best of life. drop a line and say hi if you wish.
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