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  1. I know. I hear VB5 is hard to mod. Really sucks. I was thinking of going to xenforo its based on VB , its a little better the VB. If you want VB5 features but don't want to have limited style and mod support then go with xenforo. I will always be a supporter of VB4.
  2. You cant get the newest version with out having Premium Go to [url]https://vbwarez.net/buy/[/url] to get it you also get - Unlimited Downloads - Unlimited Forums Access - No Ads | Smooth Experience - Get help to install your vBulletin Board - Download our nulled releases before everyone else. - Access to Premium Forums. - Access to DBTech PRO Plugins. - Access to Sigma Keygen. - Request vBulletin.org Plugins and get served first ! - Advanced Forum Experience. - Premium Usergroup. - Access to Shoutbox The Sigma Keygen is where you can get VB 5.1.9
  3. <p>hello hello hello hello hello</p>

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