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  1. Shinjiru or Virjox. I am using Virjox, no problems with them. I have used vBulletin 4 and IPB 3 on it.
  2. [quote name='Tommy1']I've been waiting 3 days and still no reply can you please tell him something?[/QUOTE] It will take more than a week.
  3. [quote name='Tommy1']My payment details been sended to UnstucK[/QUOTE] Please note that maybe it will take some time to respond.
  4. Take a look: [url]https://m.youtube.com/user/jmthiphop[/url] My favorite song is Keep Movin' On :)
  5. Happy to be a part of vBWarez team! Cheers!
  6. [quote name='UnstucK']Moderations applications are still going.[/QUOTE] Don't get it...Can you reply on my message?
  7. Where I can download Lithium forum software? LIke community.skype.com??
  8. [quote name='UnstucK'] As for moderators volunteers, i make a list of who want to be mod, then will make a list of what kind of moderation I'll need, and will re-contact you with that list, so we can discuss. [/QUOTE] You can add me in that list :) I want to help.
  9. How i can force reputation to count levels just by posts?
  10. My forum is very very very slow..What can i do?
  11. There's another way. I can change reputation background color instead postbit_background.
  12. [url]http://i.pics.rs/E3aBf[/url] Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Style Variable Editor Under: PostsRepliesAndComments select: postbit_background Change background color to: #E5E8E9 YOU REMOVED FUC**** REPUTATION! :)
  13. How i can make reputation system just for posts? More posts, better reputation?
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