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  1. Hai, So after the server upgrade, forgot to update informations of Sigma Keygen. So new premium users weren't able to use the keygen properly because no customer number were available for them. This issue has been fixed, and the keygen is now taking half time to generate the archive. ps: vbulletin 5.1.6 released in sigma keygen.
  2. His upload should be fine, no worry. He has been banned for over banning people :ninja:
  3. [quote name='Lightman']Thank you very much for this share, but I have a problem... I have renamed the config.php.bkp il config.php in the main folder, after I set the config.php in the core/inculdes folder, but after when I go to mywebsite/install/install.php i still have a white page and nothing happen... Can somebody help me please ? Thanks ![/QUOTE] Maybe because of htaccess, check if your apache has loaded mod_rewrite and that it is effective in your actual web directory.
  4. Any of you used stolen credit card or anything to make the payment ? [quote name='leetchi'] SIr, Your Leetchi account and the associated credit cards used by you and your entourage on our website have been blocked following our controls to fight against the cyber crime. We are confident that your activities on our platform have been [COLOR=#ff0000]fraudulent[/COLOR]. We inform you that a complaint has been filled and sent to the specialized cyber-crime service of the [COLOR=#ff0000]French Police[/COLOR], the OCLCTIC. For your information, acts of cyber-crime are punisha
  5. [quote name='STR8H8TEx']Is there N English version of the donate lol. Can't understand it. Sorry lol.[/QUOTE] Just to keep everyone here updated about the fundraising and the revamping. So yea the 250.00€ are still "locked" for fraud checking. What does that mean ? Basically, they are waiting for their bank approval to send the money, their bank is just waiting to see if anyone is complaining about the transactions, liek "it was not authorized". They sent me an email 2 days ago saying that the bank's answer should come next week. So yea the money is "pending". O
  6. [quote name='pet17']On my board we put up the fake FBI take down page, we start getting emails left and right, too funny.[/QUOTE] It was my first idea, but problem is that the website is not usable for the day then ^^ If I did that, premium users would have killed me that day. Dunno for next year :p have 1 year to think about it.
  7. :troll: inb4 everyone mad and start tracking / killing me IRL :ninja: Received few agressive private messages lulz ^^ Guess the [SIZE=7][COLOR=#ff0000][B]APRIL FOOL[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] worked well. next year, will think of something better, smth that you'll never forget, you will always hate me then :p 1st april 2016 ! UnstucK Dead or Alive. So yea of [SIZE=7][COLOR=#ff0000][B]course premium plans won't change[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE], in case you still don't understand ^^
  8. Hello everyone, This is bad news for you guys. Especially current premium users. The life became extremly expensive here in France and the fees are too huge for us to keep the project alive. So I decided to update actual premium users subscription, and now the premium plan is going to cost you 30e every months. [COLOR=#ff0000][B]So what it means for you actual premium users ?[/B][/COLOR] You will have to renew your premium membership every months, but there is a special discount for old premium which is 25e instead of 30e. I know it used to be 22e for lifetime premium, but th
  9. We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.6. It is now available to all customers. All together over 100 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.6. While most of these issues are bug... [url=http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-announcements/vbulletin-announcements_aa/4317269-vbulletin-5-1-6-connect-is-now-available]More...[/url]
  10. No I don't accept bitcoin payments sorry.
  11. [quote name='iBrain']i just did it the easy way lfmao. [code]http://zendecode.com/[/code][/QUOTE] can't download their shit for sum reasons, fb & g+ doesn't work. //ban
  12. [quote name='iBrain']Lollllll, 300 instead of 30 is a mistake i would never make! Yvoms4mod2much. Btw, lemme know on decoding and msg if you need me i did this in the past but i never released it.[/QUOTE] Well I could be interested in knowing your way to decode ionCube, actually i'm extracting the code from their loader, once it gets executed thru it basically. But in some case (last case was MGC Chatbox), some variables are fkced up and dunno why .... liek missing value, constructors were also destroyed sometimes ... weird shiet, didn't debug much yet, I started decoding it
  13. [COLOR=#ff0000][B]Info: [/B][/COLOR]The fundraising shows [COLOR=#ff0000][B]557.00€[/B][/COLOR]/[COLOR=#ff0000][B]450.00€[/B][/COLOR] But someone made an error in the payment, he actually paid 300.00€ instead of 30.00€ (we are viewing ways of refunding him). So actually the real amount is still [COLOR=#00ff00][B]257.00€[/B][/COLOR]/[COLOR=#ff0000]450.00€[/COLOR] Closed previous fundraising because of that issue.
  14. Thanks a lot for your participation :) [COLOR=#00ff00][B]257.00€[/B][/COLOR]/[COLOR=#ff0000][B]450.00€[/B][/COLOR]. And yea can fully decode ionCube encoding, so IP.Nexus is 100% pure php, no need to install shiet ionCube I agree ;)
  15. Before & After: IP.Nexus (Encoded with shiet ionCube). Encode as much as you can Invision ! I can retrieve teh code. :ireful2:
  16. So you've been asking me for details about the revamping, here it is: [B]vBWarez v2[/B] [LIST] [*][B]vBulletin[/B] 5/4/3 Support [*][B]IP.Board[/B] : IP.Nexus / IP.Content / IP.Gallery / IP.Downloads / IP.Blogs Support [*][B]New vBWarez website[/B] [*][B]Moderating team[/B] [/LIST] Everything will change. IP.Board alone is adding a value of 450.00€ to the project. Add to that vBulletin and DragonByte Tech, then vBWarez will be awesum. For now, only vBulletin & IP.Board are going to be supported, maybe in the end of this year, we'll support Xenforo.
  17. [quote name='NightWalker']Is it just me or Deadmau5 is trying to buy off the moderator position :D[/QUOTE] 160€ is an expensive moderator position :D
  18. Holy shiet. I'm reporting you guys for suspicious money incomes :D jk Thanks a lot, will create special rank on v2 of vBWarez for whoever helped. As for moderators volunteers, i make a list of who want to be mod, then will make a list of what kind of moderation I'll need, and will re-contact you with that list, so we can discuss. Thanks again gekk0 & deadmau5. :air_kiss:
  19. [COLOR=#ff0000][B]Created a fundraising which need to achieve 450.00€ so I can buy the whole IP.Board stuff and get bring it here on vBWarez as part of the revamping, this summer. Link:[/B][/COLOR][B] [url]https://www.leetchi.com/c/projets-de-papaunstug[/url][/B][COLOR=#ff0000][B] Thanks to anyone who will participate. [/B][/COLOR]
  20. Hai, So ... vBWarez is cool as is, but it's been like that for more than 2 years already. Time flies, and I need to make the project "bigger" in order to keep interest into it. So what does that mean. -> The website will change, completly. -> I will think about all the possible website designs to allow the easiest way for you users to use the website, keygens and so on. -> We will support Invision Power (IP.Board). -> I'll recruit people, I'm "alone" handling vBWarez, and my real life stuff is dealing even more time than before, so I will need you guys.
  21. We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.6. All together over 80 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.6. While most of these issues are bug fixes, there are a few enhancements to... [url=http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-announcements/vbulletin-announcements_aa/4294999-vbulletin-connect-5-1-6-beta-2-released]More...[/url]
  22. As we move forward with the development of vBulletin Connect, we are always looking for ways to increase security in the software. As such, we are deprecating support for vBulletin 5.0.0 through... [url=http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-announcements/vbulletin-announcements_aa/4315679-vbulletin-connect-deprecated-versions-5-0-0-5-0-4]More...[/url]
  23. Used in version checking. File: \app\lib\chevereto.js Otherwise, just edit the integrity check PHP file and comment the license file part, everything will be fine then. [code] CHV.fn.tools = { checkUpdates: function(callback) { $.ajax({ url: "https://chevereto.com/api/get/info/", data: null }) .always(function(data, status, XHR) { if(typeof callback == "function") { callback(XHR); } }); } }; [/code]
  24. We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.6. All together over 80 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.6. While most of these issues are bug fixes, there are a few enhancements to... [url=http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-announcements/vbulletin-announcements_aa/4294999-vbulletin-connect-5-1-6-beta-1-released]More...[/url]
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