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  1. Dear member, I decided to rename my project to vBWarez, I purchased both vBWarez.net and vBWarez.com domains, vBulletins allows only 1 registered domain, so the [dot]com domain will redirect to [dot]net one ! :happy:
  2. Sad week for two of the most awesome vBulletin community ! vBTeam and ForumScriptz got hacked. I hope that they will be able to fix the security issue very soon so they can re-open their boards ! Take care of your forums everyone ! More informations below: [quote name='[email protected]'] [h=2]vBteam hacked by [URL="http://trading-network.to"]trading-network.to[/URL] best german underground forum <3 REGARDS bizznez[/quote][/h][quote name='[email protected]'] [h=1]ForumScriptz - Notice of Temporary Downtime[/h] [I]ForumScriptz Members, Supporters, Haters and others,[/I]
  3. [U][COLOR=#ff0000][B]I) Navigation Tabs Colors[/B][/COLOR][/U] Your Navigation TABS can be colored to whatever you want, you can also use bold, italic & others html codes ! [B]Link:[/B] /admincp/navigation.php Edit needed tab, for example "Forum" tab : [I]A bit of html:[/I] [code] <FONT COLOR="#129D00">Forum</FONT>[/code] Save the changes, and your tab will be green (in that case) :D HEX Colors can be obtained here: [URL]http://www.2createawebsite.com/build/hex-colors.html[/URL] [COLOR=#ff0000][U][B]II) Navigation Tabs Permissions[/B][/U][/COLOR] If
  4. [quote name='mattdawg']:girl_impossible: and old school fix: [B]Delete File:[/B] /vb/activitystream/view/perm/calendar/event.php :rofl:[/QUOTE] Old school fix will lead to another 404 fix ^^ Anyway leeb way :D
  5. [B]File:[/B] /vb/activitystream/view/perm/calendar/event.php [code] public function fetchTemplate($templatename, $activity) { $eventinfo =& $this->content['event'][$activity['contentid']]; $calendarinfo =& $this->content['calendar'][$eventinfo['calendarid']]; $activity['postdate'] = vbdate(vB::$vbulletin->options['dateformat'], $activity['dateline'], true); $activity['posttime'] = vbdate(vB::$vbulletin->options['timeformat'], $activity['dateline']);
  6. I always edit these settings, just because I do not want others to access my leeb folders :ninja: These settings are not usually edited because vB customers do not take the time to read the whole config.php, too bad because in my opinion it's really useful and interesting to edit these values :) [code] // ****** PATH TO ADMIN & MODERATOR CONTROL PANELS ****** // This setting allows you to change the name of the folders that the admin and // moderator control panels reside in. You may wish to do this for security purposes. // Please note that if you ch
  7. WHAT DA FUUUUCK is that thing ? xD
  8. [B]REWRITTEN:[/B] [I]08/02/2013[/I] [COLOR=#ff0000][B]I) Global:[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=#008000]a) Plugins[/COLOR] [code] It's actually extremly easy ! Go to the Plugin Manager /admincp/plugin.php?do=modify If there is any "parse_templates" in Hook Location, deactivate it ! Save Active Status, and voila ! Copyrights removed :) (They are usually displayed on the footer) [/code] [COLOR=#008000]b) Templates[/COLOR] [code] Templates copyrights are located in "footer" template, just find the line at the very bottom, under or included in vBulletin copyrights block, and rem
  9. [quote name='mattdawg']why papa looks liek littel lolli on his sig? :g_angry:[/QUOTE] Because she (oops he*) is ! :ninja:
  10. [LIST] [*][B]Nulled[/B] just remove the vBulletin's protection, as soon as your files will be inspected by your host it will be clear that you are using a cracked vBulletin ! [/LIST] [LIST] [*][B]Keygen[/B] adds a fake [U]License Number[/U] to the files it also generates a [U]Fake Customer Number[/U] for you to use (Install, Upgrade process). [/LIST] This is useful if you have some hosts that like to go thought your files to check if your vBulletin is legit. But just remember this is not a fool proof method and will not safe proof you from shutdown on an on-shore server su
  11. Hey ! I'm glad to open this board, you already know that there already are some very respected vBulletin communities like vBteam, forumscriptz and many others ! But I open this project anyway, no real differences between me and them, it's just that I do like vBulletin and I want to share any vB ressource that I have ! If you need any kind of help for your vBulletin board, please post and I will do my best to help you ! (As I am already pretty busy, please be patient, I might not answer to you immediatly ^^)
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