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  1. If you needed for IPB or xenforo, i can help.
  2. [quote name='mlew2']If I get this done don't worry about the account I am too old to worry about that kind of stuff LOL[/QUOTE] Okay, thanks. I'm waiting for your response.
  3. [quote name='mlew2']Is the title on logo just AMX??[/QUOTE] Yes AMX, and give me. I will send account information and guard code from my steam acc if you will do like that. Like this: [code] http://kgb-hosting.ro/assets/images/kgbro/logo.png [/code] now is right url
  4. Hello, i need logo and icon that uses for forum (dimension for icon is 48x48). If you are interested, pm me fast, or in this thread contact me if you are interested. I'll give you steam with 9 premium games account, no alert no vac ban. Thanks Icon and logo must be like [code] http://kgb-hosting.ro/assets/images/kgbro/logo.png [/code] But the text is AMX. For english forum board needed, thanks.
  5. Hey i have been moderator on hosttricks forum, and want to say this: 1.Signup is currently closed, and open new ticket in [url]http://hosttricks.com/order/submitticket.php[/url] , Signup is closed, we're searching in our staff discussion for new better ideas. 2.vBulletin, ipb and xenforo you can install on hosttricks, if you have issue with installing feel free to ask.
  6. [B]Hello, i want to share good host offshore that allow you free to host nulled softwares for your board, tested and working 100%. Link to use fre host: [url]http://order.hosttricks.com/order/[/url] Premium: [url]http://hosttricks.com/order[/url] official forum: [url]http://hosttricks.com/forum/[/url] Thanks for understanding[/B]
  7. [quote name='Zombie']thats shared hosting...[/QUOTE] Bytefast, is not shared hosting, it's offshore hosting, and they allow you nulled scripts, adult.. :D
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