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  1. it can take up to 24h, it depends on Unstuck(owner) available time but dont worry you will get it soon enough ;)
  2. [url]http://lmgtfy.com/?q=best+adsense+alternatives[/url]
  3. The stuff you can download here for free are even better then from ones you gotta pay from vbulletin and imagen what would u get from premium section :D
  4. You are still mixing phpbb with vbulletin, phpbb is open source forum and has nothing to do with vbulletin. First you gotta decide which forum software you wanna install, phpbb, mybb or vbulletin...
  5. It should work fine with php 5.4 but yea try changing it to 5.5 or so
  6. How do you espect to hold post count if you delete post physical, you can use fake stats plugin instead
  7. [quote name='UrbanSurgeon']i''m still waiting :([/QUOTE] What are u waiting for? :troll:
  8. It takes up to 24 hours, but pretty sure UnStucK will do it even before ;)
  9. Here you go [url]https://vbwarez.net/threads/16-Bluepearl-Seamus-4-2-0[/url] and its for vb4 :)
  10. Hello, can you please explain your problem with some more informations?
  11. Patience please, UnstucK is the only admin who can actually check this kind of stuff and he is busy as hell and his priority is in updating stuff first and keep vbwarez running smooth and everything else is coming after that...
  12. Deutschland you need to upload the theme file in atthachments not sharing to other site link, mlew was just trying to help
  13. Glad to hear that :)
  14. You can download this then untill u get bank account/money for premium [url]https://vbwarez.net/forums/18-VB-4-Releases[/url]
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