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  1. [quote name='Lanty45']Sexy work, but does the email you register have to be the exact same as your forum account name?[/QUOTE] I doubt that very much, you can probably have anything you wish :)
  2. Excellent work vgcman!! [quote name='username12']Sexy as hell. I want these. Can you add as 1 zip? Use normals only have 5 /24h and that's going to use 2 of my 5 -_-[/QUOTE] Either use 2 of your 5 allowed, or upgrade to Premier and get unlimited downloads :)
  3. [quote name='Snail']I concur. While it may be something else, GoDaddy does not like vB and if it finds you are using a pirate version they will shut down your account.[/QUOTE] Second this, happened to me about 2 years ago, luckily I had just backed up my database but they really don't like VB, when I spoke to them, some customer service agent said "erm yeah, there is lots of pirated versions of vbulletin and we can't keep track of them, so we close accounts we suspect are using nulled software. it keeps vbulletin off our backs!." If you need a really good, reliable but cheap
  4. [quote name='rakk92']I have Upgrade my account to Premium for one year last night but how long it will take to activate my premium subscription ?[/QUOTE] You're active, congrats and welcome!
  5. Hi, tried to pay €12.00 for 1 years premier, however, when I go to pay, this screen appears and I can not go any further...for obvious reasons :nyam: [IMG]http://s19.postimg.org/6uptw78b7/wrongprice.png[/IMG]
  6. I will be buying a years worth on Monday, really like this site and need some premier stuff :)
  7. I'd say upgrade to 4.2.2 as that's what I have and I didn't get any errors! I agree with CtrlAltDel, I think your PHP version is too high.
  8. Very cool graphics mate, I'm just getting into Photoshop again so shall be making my own, but I do love these!
  9. Does that mean you didn't get my PM then UnstucK?
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