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  1. thanks for reply i will try :)
  2. Hi all i need VPS cloud linux with PHP 5.5.30 (native) with also cpanel :) can any one help me about that please urgent :)
  3. i also needed VPS but fully managed and also can we run nulled vbulletin and safe from DMCA please any one know let me :) but need cheap :)
  4. [B]HI all i need some help, i receive recently mail from my host that is [COLOR="#FF0000"][We have received abuse complaint about your domain name - Trojan.JS.Redirector.DN - 195.xxx.xx.xxx - myhost.com Please check the attached complaint and try to fix the complain in the next 12 hours] [/COLOR] can any one tel me how can remove it i am also using vbulletin 4.2.2 :( [/B]
  5. thanks but what we need every time do this method or only one time?? mean google auto pick URLs after upload this file???
  6. HI all i am using google web master tool, last night that is working fine but today i saw google showing this error [COLOR="#FF0000"][Your Sitemap does not contain any URLs. Please validate and resubmit your Sitemap.][/COLOR] . i am also tried to resubmit but stiil error :( can any one help me??? :dash:
  7. thanks for kind information my mind is clear now.. mean free cloudflare is use less hahaha that is only film :p
  8. [quote name='Reaper1345']Do your site uses nulled scripts or has anything that can cause problems with DMCA?[/QUOTE] yes i am also using nulled vbulletin 4.2.2 script ... :) i am using shared web hosting server based Bulgaria
  9. [quote name='cdw']If they can't get your IP, they can't ddos you. 1. If you use your web server for incoming and outgoing mails as well, switch to an external mail provider such as Google Apps to receive mails and/or Amazon SES for outgoing mails, as the attackers could find out your real server IP by checking your MX records or reading the header information of outgoing mails. 2. Disable remote file uploading on your site, this is used to get your server's IP by the ddos attacker. This link shows you how: [url]https://vbwarez.net/threads/13193-HOW-TO-Disable-Remote-File-Uplo
  10. [quote name='mlew2']All depends where the server is located and if they follow DMCA rules[/QUOTE] no no mean cloudflare help me from DDOC attack free version???
  11. yes bro saw your PM .. aik persons telling me i need use cloudflare that is safe if i use free version ???
  12. [quote name='Reaper1345']Unfortunately i am Designer/Coder not a server-tech ^^ So i couldn't gurantee that after that everything will run smooth and i don't wan't to break something. (On my site my co has done all that, but he is very busy at the moment :/ But i am sure that someone other on vBwarez can help you :) or mlew2 comes with a better solution ^^ Are you sure that it is DDoS? DDoS won't break anything on your site so you are save for the moment :) At the beginning if we had DDoS we just waited till the person stops DDoSing us ^^[/QUOTE] my site had down for 4,
  13. [quote name='Reaper1345']SSH and SFTP/FTP ^^ Managed means that they will install updates and make the default settings so you can use it without knowing much about Servers. But the DDoS Protection with the VPS as VPN i mentioned must be configured manualy you must install the needed packages by yourself, so you should know how to use SSH ^^[/QUOTE] i have no idea bro :( i i will buy unmanage VPS form that site can you do it for me???
  14. [quote name='Reaper1345']SSL can do nothng against DDoS, but it will make it harder to use a DDoS protection, because the protection would break the encryption givig your guests a blank page if you are under attack. Don't know if they have managed, i'm not using managed ^^[/QUOTE] ok good .. i have no idea about VPS .. can you tel me what is manage and unmanage ??? i saw unmanage has not cpanel then how we can upload data ?? database etc?? and make backup??
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