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  2. Thank you so much, I can make you admin on my site for convenience. Let me know.
  3. You would have to use a template conditional to do it, i don't use vb anymore but i guess i can install it locally and see. Give me a few hrs.
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  5. Welcome aboard
  6. I got it to look like this: With this HTML <style type="text/css"><!--body{background: url(; no-repeat;}--></style> It's not working lol i need the image to be the background like this:
  7. Last week
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  9. The Administrator pic behind everything.
  10. Which part of it?
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new here
  12. Thank you for posting
  13. Hi i was wanting to know does it have any callhome or was they removed as well
  14. does anyone have this has a working attachment?
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  16. update please please please i love you when you update to v1.1.2
  17. Thanks for the share. Keep up the great Job!
  18. Does anybody know where the ban option is lol? I'm using IPS 4.1 but can't seem to find the ban button, I know I can personally ban someone through ACP but how will I be able to do it through mod cp just so other moderators know how to ban members.
  19. your new link dosnt work...
  20. Please explain how someone does that. It's badass.
  21. Title ^ Do IPB themes work on vbulletin? Someone told me they do.
  22. Earlier
  23. I like it. It's very nice. Thanks
  24. bump!! pls shared
  25. link not work
  26. Hello, So I have this script ( And I am trying to make it so when the color it self is changed and the user has a userbar that is transparent it will change the color of that as well... Just not the text that stays white... As well as make it so the custom vip color shows on the showgroups page (Staff page) and on the main forum stats.. Screenshot here: if you don't trust the link but you know/trust droplr just use Please if anyone could help it'd be great!
  27. CJ Duplicate Member Logger

    Version 1.0.11


    About This File CJ Duplicate Member Logger Logs members who use multiple accounts on the same computer/browser to access your site. Features: Logs member accounts and possible alts Automatic responses (like PM/AutoBans) ACP/MCP interfaces to view and handle infringers (allows you to ban alts/main account, email, delete alts) Exclude Goups/Members (Exclude groups and Members from being logged) Exclude Members Notes (leave a note about why a member is excluded) NOTE: Requires min php 5.4 and IPS 4.1.4 (due to the use of traits)
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