Website closed
I don't have enough time to keep vBWarez active anymore
Might bring it back to life later
Do not trust fake website which took the opportunity from our downtime (vbwarez ORG domain), they spread viruses and scam people, vbwarez was, is, and will always be

Thanks to staff for the hard work they did put into this website (cheers NightWalker), and to everyone who contributed to the project, it was awesome while it lasted :)
Thanks to Zombie, even if he got banned from vBWarez for ban abuses, he helped me a lot moderating the forum while I was busy nulling, the war is over

Also hai to DMCA and vBulletin / DragonByte Tech, i'm not annoying you anymore, it was an awesome experience and I have to say that offshore world is really fucked up

If anyone want to get in touch with me, you can catch me on my other project Royal Hack (which is 100% legal :D)

I'm not going to re-open an illegal website anymore, if vBWarez ever come back, it will be focused on nulling tutorials, without releases of any type.

vBWarez 2012 to 2016